Water Mains Are Bursting; Water Prices Surge

People Throughout Southern California Turning to Boxwood Balls as an Answer to Skyrocketing Water Costs

Southern Californians resort to artificial boxwood balls as they prepare for rising water bills after critical pipelines are bursting all over the region. These breaks are putting a halt to water consumption and use everywhere and are proving to be a costly reminder of how old and warn out these pipes are. Water bills have nearly tripled as a result of corroded water mains finally deteriorating and rupturing.

Water Bills No Longer Denting Wallets Due to Artificial UV Boxwood Balls

Unbearable heat results in an increase of water use with consumers all over the Southern California region. The high temperatures and parched air dry out the soil, respectively precipitating people to use more water to water their plants. Increased water usage raises the pressure inside the water lines, adding strain to pipeline walls, making the older pipes more susceptible to bursting. Artificial UV Boxwood Balls completely eliminate the gauging costs of increased water use. They require absolutely no water, soil, or trimming to maintain a crisp luxurious look year round. Boxwood balls are an excellent alternative to live foliage. They have a fancy and extravagant look, proving to be a perfect addition to any yard. Artificial UV Boxwood Balls also provide a clean cut look, while conserving water. With the addition of these topiary balls to yards across Southern California, this precious resource can now be saved for more important matters, like keeping everyone hydrated and cool.

An excellent way to alleviate the overexertion on main water pipelines is switching to the use of artificial foliage indoors and outdoors. Artificial boxwood topiary balls are a great way to start on an expedition into the world of artificial plants. They are composed of UV rated material, allowing them to withstand the fading effects of the sun, water, and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw their way. These topiaries come in various sizes ranging from 10 inches to 22 inches and are sold in pairs. Geranium Street Floral is the perfect destination for any artificial foliage needs and to purchase Artificial UV Boxwood Balls at unbeatable prices. The staff at Geranium Street are well trained and highly qualified to assist in any questions or concerns about topiary balls, or any other artificial plants. Start the journey into artificial foliage by giving them a call or visiting them on the web.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.