Think Big: 19” Artificial Boxwood Green Decorative Balls Make a Statement

19″ Artificial boxwood green decorative balls are replicas from the world’s most famous gardens. The fabulous gardens of the world like Versailles in France, Mirabelle gardens in France, and the Ryōan-ji Zen Garden in Kyoto, Japan used sculpted hedge to create a grand, spectacular look. The large gardening staffs at these gardens meticulously prune and care for the magnificent hedges and bushes.Artificial boxwood topiary balls can create this “grand” look on a much smaller scale.

The 19” diameter artificial boxwood topiary balls can dramatically increase the curb appeal of any home when strategically placed on the front step, along a walkway, or under a window. Of course real hedges and bushes require constant attention and maintenance – artificial boxwood green decorative balls require almost none. You can simply wash them off – water doesn’t hurt them and UV resistant topiary balls will not fade outdoors.

There are limitless creative uses for artificial boxwood balls. You can place them in a vase, or mount them on top of a block. They look good placed among real plants, decorative stones, or drift wood.19” artificial boxwood green decorative balls are just big enough that they make a statement, but not so large that they are obnoxious.

One of our customers recently ordered one hundred artificial boxwood balls to decorate an extravagant wedding party. The effect was memorable and dream like. Artificial topiary balls can be used for special events, put away, and then brought out again. I can see a myriad of Christmas uses for these amazing artificial balls. The 19” artificial boxwood topiary balls are available in UV resistant grade and standard grade for indoor use. Buy them online and save money and time when buying 19″ boxwood green decorative balls.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.