Preserved Boxwood Topiaries or Faux Boxwood Balls?

Preserved Boxwood or Plastic

Preserved boxwood caught my eye and forced me to head to Restoration Hardware to look at this awesome green ball on a stick. It was only $125 and it was mine. Later, this green orb sat on my porch in the sunlight and attracted my attention as the sun bounced of its dried leaves. Eventually, like all good things, this dried boxwood began to crumble and fade into the dust.

Preserved Boxwood For Outdoor Use

Preserved boxwood does not hold up against the elements. The faux boxwood balls are designed to last out in the rain and sun(if UV protected). The preserved boxwood also requires a spritzing of water to keep the leaves from getting too dry. Now, when you go on vacation, you can have your neighbor water your plants, topiary and feed your dog. The artificial boxwood will need none of this maintenance.


Faux boxwood was used to create these nice topiary/vases with glass, water beads and sand. These vases would not accept preserved boxwood due to the water content and that fact that these are going to be sitting outside. These products were ordered online from the boxwood balls are UV protected and last in the hot San Diego sunshine.

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by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.