Interior Design Ideas for Artificial Decorative Spheres

Artificial decorative spheres add a dramatic flair to many interior and exterior design applications.They look great near the front steps of a home, near the windowsills, or in a foyer. The intricate design of these synthetic balls gives them a very realistic look. Placed together with inexpensive or natural items such as driftwood, a large pottery vase, or stones, boxwood balls can really make a statement.Some designers opt for a less-is-more strategy when using artificial decorative spheres, while others paint the sky green with them.

They come in a variety of sizes, from 8” to 19” in diameter. It is possible to create a mini jungle or forest with them. They certainly draw attention and spur curiosity.As you can see in the picture above my wife created an interesting display using some inexpensive sticks from IKEA , a vase that was lying in the garage and some wood chips. This would look great near an entrance, on the patio, or next to a fountain.

There is something very aesthetic and pleasing about these artificial boxwood topiary balls, especially when placed with other interesting items.

Another thing that is nice about the artificial decorative spheres is that they are low maintenance. They require no pruning or water. You can place them within a group of real plants if you want as water won’t hurt them. UV grade topiary balls will not fade in the sun and are great for outdoor use. Standard grade artificial topiary balls will work for indoor use. Online retailers offer these amazing products to the public at near wholesale prices. Geranium Street products has just received a large order of artificial decorative spheres.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.