Home Staging: Faux Boxwood Flora, Fauna Add Spice

We have all seen televised TV “makeovers” that take a  house that has been on the market for a while which has had prospective buyers come and go without making an offer. Their house, turns out,  has no excitement.  It may not be the house at all, but the way it’s presented.

That’s where the home stagers come in on these TV shows. These are the creative designers and decorators who paint the walls, clear the clutter, rearrange the furniture and add a few specially-selected accent pieces. Suddenly, the house that has been languishing on the listings becomes the hottest one on the market!

Topiary balls, placed near water feature, add interest.topballftn 300x227 Home Staging:  Faux Flora, Fauna Add Spice

Homeowners, home stagers, designers, and architects alike can adopt staging strategies  to increase excitement and woo buyers.Silk floral  and faux topiary accent pieces paired with furniture, carefully-chosen accessories and window treatments can make a location really “pop.”

Artificial topiaries can add drama, interest to interior spaces

161 Home Staging:  Faux Flora, Fauna Add SpiceHere’s an example of available topiaries from Geranium Street Floral  paired with a water feature. See these outdoor items on the Geranium Street Floral website here.

Interior boxwood topiary balls and their price can be seen here.

Imagine a pair of these paired topiaries used at an entryway, or in a home office. This is a classic look, and one that requires almost no upkeep, unlike traditional living topiaries. Come to Geranium Street Floral for artificial boxwood, topiaries, faux florals, silk ivies and more.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.