Holiday Vase with Boxwood Ball on Top

My daughter and I  took the time to do a fun little project with a vase and boxwood ball. The vase portion of the project entailed a glass vase, some colored sand, rocks and and a boxwood ball from Geranium Street Floral. The rocks and sand were obtained from Michael’s and the back yard. The project is self explanitory except for how to keep the sand, rocks and gravel from mixing as well as adding a 3 inch pipe in the center to keep from using as much colored sand. Your family members can figure the rest out as you go to craft this project.

Artificial boxwood ball on decorative vase.

  • Boxwood Balls
Boxwood Balls

Boxwood Balls and Topiary Created By Geranium Street Floral

Good luck on this project. If you need outdoor boxwood balls you can get them at the online store. Boxwood balls and the holidays are great fun and cam be used every year.






by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.