Boxwood Topiaries for Home, Garden, and Commercial Uses

Boxwood topiaries are plastic faux head balls that can be used to decorate a home, office, or garden area. You can hang them in a planter, place them in a vase or bowl, or support them onto a wall or platform. Creative designers attach the faux hedge balls to pieces of wood, or even a bone or antler.

You can create a whole theme for a party with artificial boxwood balls. Some people decorate the balls with a few Christmas lights. They look particularly pretty with pain white lights, and can add a romantic dimension to say, and outdoor dining area. Mixed in with real plants and flowers, artificial boxwood topiaries add an aura of mystery.

Exotic gardens throughout the world make use of sculptured hedges that require full time gardening staffs to maintain. You can create your own grand garden using faux boxwood topiaries, artificial boxwood hedge and fake boxwood bushes. The great thing about all of these artificial boxwood products is that they are so easy to install and maintain.Hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and retail spaces come to life with artificial boxwood balls as well.

You can break up an area for instance by creating a faux green space inside a building. It is pleasing aesthetically and spiritually. Plants, even if fake promote tranquility and life in sterile office environments. It is best to purchase artificial boxwood topiaries online – it is more cost effective and the products are delivered right to your door. Delivered to your door step – boxwood topiaries!

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.