Boxwood Topiaries at Home Goods are Improving

Boxwood Topiaries Show up at Home Goods

Boxwood topiaries of very nice quality are showing up at large retail chains. These topiary balls and other artificial structures dot the isles of large retailers now. Shopping baskets contain the faux and freeze dried versions of boxwood plants.

Some topiaries are shown as two, three or even four ball topiary. Round, square pyramid shaped and other forms of faux boxwoods are being shown. Both dried and artificial boxwood make great decor items. For outdoor use, however, artificial boxwood balls are the only type that will make the grade. The dried leaves of the real boxwood will just dry up and blow away or get washed of by a rain storm.


Many people get great ideas from large retail and then go to the web to look for different variations of the product. At Geranium Street Floral, they understand that both versions of retail have to exist. Lowest prices are often found online and when it comes to larger boxwood balls for outdoor use, no company has a better selection. Curious as how we snap artificial boxwood balls? Follow this link, to learn how to snap together our artificial boxwood balls.


by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.