Boxwood Balls Make Excellent Decor Gifts

Boxwood balls are the newest hot thing! Looking for something unique for someone who has everything? Boxwood Balls are an excellent Christmas gift idea. They lighten up any room with because they bring life and round contrast to our square world. Real boxwood balls are high maintenance and require about as much attention as a box of puppies – artificial boxwood balls require almost zero maintenance. These products are fun to make topiaries out of and are designed to last.

Just a few ideas for boxwood balls:

1) Place a pair of them outside an entrance way.

2) Place several of them along a walkway.

3) Decorate an office with them.

4) Great in a reception area of a doctor’s office.

5) Create a meditation area inside your home.

Boxwood balls have sound deflecting properties that muffle sound in areas with poor acoustics. Sound echoes off of hard right angles, but is deflected off of round surfaces. That is why these faux decorative spheres serve more than one purpose. They look great and help to reduce noise in a room.

Don’t even hassle trying to find artificial boxwood balls in stores. They aren’t really available, and if do happen to find them, it will be at a premium. Forget about looking for parking, fighting traffic and burning all of your gas. You can buy boxwood balls, boxwood hedge mats, and boxwood bushes online for near wholesale prices. They will be delivered to your door.

Geranium Street Floral has the balls and they are available at  You will find links to that catalog in relation to fake boxwood bushes, mats and balls.  Another interesting website to take a look at is: This site also has information on plastic plants and artificial boxwood balls. Good luck out there. Geranium Street Products has stocked for the holiday season a whole assortment of boxwood balls.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.