Big Beautiful Boxwood Balls Become Best Bargain

Could you consider hosting an event and everybody steps from the rear way and see’s dead shrubs in pots from extreme direct sunlight and no water and struggling if not lifeless greenery everywhere else? How horrifying! Why not invest in artificial boxwood and get great compliments instead? Every single day that constant Sun pounds down on the yard you and your family took time and paid money to craft… only to notice it fall like a bug under the watchful eye of a kid, an ant and a magnifier.

Decor Decisions Drastically Dazzled With Boxwood Wedding Balls

You may be looking for cost-effective privacy fences, possibly a means to set up your raised potted plants with a selection of solid green boxwood mats, and maybe even winding some natural looking ivy around your patio area support poles.


You may perhaps question the way we started online. We began selling our first product line in 2012 and this was our primary product the Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat. Typical size of the mat are 23.5 inches wide by 16 inches long and 1 inch high. The foliage on the mats are dense to the point you can’t look through the mats to any worthwhile degree. You’ll find we have distinguished our self among companies of Artificial Boxwood Plants products by differentiating our styles extensively. We have an household line that is converting to completely heat retardant in 2012. Also, we have 3 colors of outdoor UV rated hedge for all types of various treatments.

How hard is it to craft your awesome creativity with our products? You could come up with something fantastic in just one short afternoon!. What is your highest priority when you make a purchase? Is it trust? Price? selection? We would love to hear your ideas on improving. A recent suggestion in design was a mottled green with darker shades for a deeper green in our outdoor boxwood hedge mat lines. We are looking into several new design offerings for the 2013 lineup.

Artificial boxwood balls are a nice way to dress up any area without overdoing it. These artificial topiary plants are a nice compliment to other boxwood plants and do not overpower a central arrangement. These balls are great to use as a stand-alone product are equally as beautiful on a patio. Available in three sizes from Geranium Street Floral, these uv boxwood balls can be bunched together to enhance an outdoor environment.

Hi this is Bob Smith and I just wanted to say “Thanks” for visiting our website. We are constantly striving to provide you with your best boxwood purchase options priced with the budget conscious in mind. Maybe it’s the right time to look around for options in improving the look of your yard. If you haven’t seen yet you can pair planters with Boxwood Balls beautifully. One popular idea is some simple evergreen hedgeing using our Boxwood Bush. We are a global supplier with distribution centers across the United States and in Europe. We manufacture many thousands of mats monthly and can supply any size order. Our standard quantities are boxed in 10 count and 40 count boxes for easy multiples of 100 where needed.

We Offer Artificial Boxwood Plants At Wholesale Prices
Geranium Street has large production facilities and can handle and order of any size. We can turn the crank and generate thousands of artificial boxwood sheets as demand is established. Our newer production technologies allow for quick fulfillment of your order from just ten mats into multiple thousands. Do not hesitate to give Bob Smith a call at 1-858-525-2251 for a quote on your project and you will be pleased you did.

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by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.