Outdoor Boxwood Balls Swinging this summer

Outdoor Boxwood balls topiaries are the latest rage on the decor scene. Part of their appeal is how easy they are to implement.  Artisans can create an interesting art piece by combining several pieces of designer wood, a vase, and a boxwood ball. This process can only take a few minutes and can become an original topiary piece, totally individual to your neighborhood. Also, the cheesy real boxwood wood topiaries need constant attention, the petals keep falling off, and they can’t be used outdoors. The new artificial boxwood balls are made of plastic, with both standard and U.V resistant grades available.

Plastic balls are also great to use by themselves on a vase. This help create definition in an area and brings something round into an otherwise square world. They add life and color to any room. These plastic balls are non-allergenic, fun to work with and are now available via Geranium Street Floral.

Boxwood ball topiaries can also be used in conjunction with artificial boxwood hedge. People are doing amazing things with the artificial hedge mats. People are creating “green areas” inside and outside of their houses. Artificial boxwood products are perfect for a meditation space next to a fountain, for instance.

Let’s not forget about commercial applications for boxwood ball topiaries. These decorative spheres look great in office spaces, reception areas, retail outlets, and restaurants. They create a soothing, comfortable environment for personnel and clients. Artificial boxwood products also have sound proofing qualities and are often used to diffuse sound off of hard right angles.


click here to see video: Introduction to Boxwood Balls

To find out more about these fun products visit www.artificialboxwoodhedge.com or see www.artificialflowerplants.org

Geranium Street Products has available a whole array of boxwood balls.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.