Artificial Ivy Vines Sculpt Beautiful Ambient Decor

Does it seem as though it’s gotten hotter this summer? Maybe you’ve seen your entire poor green plants struggle from the onslaught of the sun only to come away too thirsty to survive? Everybody is wondering what you should do during summer heat as the grounds they’ve diligently tended appear to go up in smoke from the sun’s heat. It sucks seeing it go from lush green to destitute brown. Can we suggest some beautiful Artificial Ivy Vines?

Artificial Ivy Vines Decorate Without Imposing

What your really looking for is a green yard thats easy to maintain. It’s not so hard a challenge to address if you are taking into consideration the affordable and fabulous styles of artificial greenery available to you.

Geranium Street designed the initial of our products for online sales in mid 2012. The wonderful breakthrough was Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mats. Typical proportions of the mat are 23.5 inches wide by 16 inches long and 1 inch high. The foliage on the mats are dense to the point you can not look through the mats to any worthy measure.

There are many styles to our boxwood mats. We created a line for indoor use, which is being converting into a fire retardent product as of 2012. We also created 3 colors of mottled green outdoor boxwood hedge squares for each varieties of project ideas you could make.

The comments we get informs us we have have struck a quality chord with our buyers needs for excellent and volume pricing. Did you know we pay close attention to several markets to create the highest quality designs for you? We do.

Each year we send many designs to our manufacturer for production so we can relay lower pricing to you. We take input for our designs from many sources and our customers are one of those sources. We really love to hear new ideas as your craft or design project takes shape.

Thanks For Researching Our Artificial Ivy Vines!

Many Thanks for visiting this blog post. Our total attention is set on providing you with your best boxwood purchase options priced with respect for your wallet in mind. Have you been stopping and looking around at what it might cost to do an upgrade in your back yard.

If you haven’t seen yet you can pair planters with Boxwood Balls beautifully. For those who are thinking about box planters and such there is classy and elegant Boxwood Bush. Artificial Boxwood Hedge mats offer an easy to assemble wall covering for large and small projects.

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by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.