Artificial Boxwood Balls Roll in For Christmas

Artificial boxwood balls became the trend in Europe some time ago. Now the invasion has green orbs popping up in design and trendy home decor shops in the U.S. Artificial boxwood balls are on variety of this trend. The faux topiary balls that are made up of real leaves brought on the first wave of the invasion. The next wave is the U.V. resistant plastic in all different sizes that have given designers a need to experiment with their new medium.


This beautiful boxwood ball is shown sitting on a crafted boxwood column. These two products are unique and go well together in a setting that can use a little bit of greening up. Geranium Street Floral does a great job of bringing low-priced boxwood products to the marketplace. Their boxwood bushes, boxwood hedge mats, topiaries and now artificial boxwood balls, make them the go-to company when you are ready to try this exciting new craft and decor medium.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but Christmas is coming soon. Artificial boxwood balls make unique gifts for almost any home maker. Many people decorate their offices and businesses with them as well. Faux topiaries are available in UV resistant material so they don’t fade in the sunlight.

Now, try to find these faux topiary balls at your local stores. Good luck. I have searched far and wide for these locally. Restoration Hardware does sell them, but at a very hefty price. Online retailers often sell to the public at near wholesale prices. Since these artificial boxwood products are imported from Asia, it can take weeks to get them, so it pays to order early to get them in time for Christmas. Geranium Street Products has stocked up for a Christmas a large inventory of artificial boxwood balls.



Geranium Street Floral

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by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.