Artificial Boxwood Balls Instant Class To Pool Areas

Artificial Boxwood Balls…Instant Class for Pool Decor

Artificial boxwood balls are showing up around the pool as temperatures heat up around the US. Recent record temperatures in Phoenix and Las Vegas have people enjoying the pool area. Barren pools are being adorned by artificial boxwood balls. These imitation boxwood products are designed to withstand the harsh summer sun and elements in areas that would normally dry up and wither away.

Another hot item is the PE Wicker outdoor furniture. These items can be combined as shown in the viral video provided by Geranium Street Floral. Artificial boxwood balls are also a great addition to an entrance way or two put two book ends on a design area. Since  Geranium Street sells balls in pairs, it is a good idea to take advantage of the savings.

Boxwood balls add greenery to a space and can improve a pool location by sitting balls on a faux wicker pot. These combinations of brown and green and brown and black can break up the hot sun shining of the white and grey concrete. Since there is no maintenance involved, these balls can just be washed of when the pool deck is being cleaned. Installation is very easy and high winds will not affect your faux boxwood ball topiary.

Quality is an issue with these products. Finding truly UV products is a real problem. Companies with the “limited UV” label may just provide that…limited protection. This may mean in three months your expensive boxwood balls have turned from green to blue. Initial quality is important as well as Geranium Streets balls are assembled in the US. This means you will find your balls in better initial quality and will enjoy them longer. The bottom line is that artificial boxwood balls are very fun and deserve a chance. Don’t let the low wholesale prices at Geranium Street let you think that the products are inferior to the competition. The reality is that by lowering our prices we can let more people enjoy these fine products. Curious as how we snap artificial boxwood balls? Follow this link, to learn how to snap together our artificial boxwood balls.



by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.