Artificial Boxwood Balls are Perfect Alternative for Commercial Use

Outdoor or Indoor, Boxwood Balls are Excellent Decorative Option

Artificial foliage, especially topiary balls, are starting to be utilized as a decorative replacement to live plants by more and more commercial businesses. Artificial boxwood balls can convert any dull and dreary landscape, lobby, or office are into a friendly and alluring atmosphere. This artificial plant jazzes up any commercial area with a luxurious and elegant appeal.

Artificial Boxwood Balls are Sprucing Up Commercial Properties

Commercial buildings in Beverly Hills and other areas of Los Angeles California are turning to outdoor artificial boxwood balls to incorporate a stylish green aura for their outdoor and indoor décor. They can be placed in walkways and used as a landmark or to direct traffic, while providing a realistic botanical atmosphere. Boxwood balls can enhance any lobby or waiting area, or add a welcoming touch to anyone’s office. Guests will be astounded by how amazingly beautiful these artificial bamboo plants are. The enchanting charm of these artificial boxwood balls can be acquired without the constraints and headaches that organic plants can cause. They are virtually maintenance free and require absolutely no watering or trimming to preserve their convincingly realistic beauty.

Commercial properties are using artificial boxwood balls more frequently for their indoor and outdoor decorative options. They are UV rated, so they will not fade from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Boxwood balls are also able to withstand fading caused by water or any of Mother Nature’s other elements. These topiary balls come in various sizes ranging from 10 inches to 22 inches and are sold in pairs. Geranium Street Floral is the perfect destination for to purchase Artificial UV Boxwood Balls at unbeatable prices. The staff at Geranium Street are well trained and highly qualified to assist with any questions or concerns about the artificial boxwood balls. Geranium Street also offers a wide selection of other artificial foliage to complement your topiary balls or other areas of your commercial property.  Give them a call or visit them on the web to begin your journey into the world of artificial plants. Curious as how we snap artificial boxwood balls? Follow this link, to learn how to snap together our artificial boxwood balls.


by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.