Faux Boxwood Great For Christmas Decor

Faux boxwood is great for Christmas Decor and is a welcome sight around the tree. The size of the tree is important as some ball can be larger than 20 inches. Obviously you Charlie Brown Tree may not support a prodcut light this, but, the trees outside may enjoy a lighted boxwood ball. Lighted boxwood balls are somewhat new and you may not be familiar with them. They have lcd lights that are powered by batteries.

Smaller boxwood spheres and even dried boxwood topiary may be a welcome sight if you live where the snow falls. A little bit of greenery on the porch or a topiary in the hall may be a welcomed bit of decor to match the green of the Christmas tree. For those who enjoy the marvels of a faux Christmas tree, the idea of artificial plants should not be that hard to deal with. It is all about ease of use, easy to store and no maintenance.

Similiar products that go well with a fake tree are artificial boxwood garlands. These long  strings of faux boxwood look nice draped around Christmas boxes or hanging in a hallway near the missletoe. Artificial ivy is also something that can add some greenery in a hurry. Many people are looking for natural and artificial poinsettia plants around this time of year. The red and green  go so well together and can be done with silk material that produces a very nice looking plant.

Faux grasses and other artificial decor items can be found at several retail outlets. If you don’ want to brave the cold to get your hands on some of these items you may consider going online for them. There is still plenty of time for that to happen. Online stores such as Geranium Street Floral carry this type of product and may be helpful in getting you the greenery you need.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.